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Things you must send

  1. US citizenship is required for employment.
  2. Completely answer all questions on the application.
  3. Sign and date pages three and four.
  4. Precisely record all nursing related work experience (experienced applicants may use addendum for additional entries). Also, list year, month, part-time or full-time status of each position.
  5. Provide detailed explanation on additional sheet if any boxes 30-39 are answered yes.
  6. Complete the "Declaration for Federal Employment" form.
Application Forms

All applicants should submit the "Applicant Indicator" form with their applications (view applicant indicator pdf) 

Registered Nurses should submit the "Application for Nurses and Nurse Anesthetists" (view rn application pdf) 

Licensed Practical Nurses should submit an "Application for Associated Health Occupations" (view lpn application pdf) 

SNT applicants should complete and submit both the "Declaration for Federal Employment" (view fed declaration pdf) and the "Optional Application for Federal Employment" (view optional application pdf)."Application Addendum" is required for experienced applicants (view application addendum pdf) 

All applicants should submit the "Declaration for Federal Employment" (view fed declaration pdf)  


Transcripts from all nursing programs are required for APRNS and CRNAs 
Transcripts are required for additional non-nursing degrees (no need to provide nursing transcript) 
Official transcripts must be submitted with your application 
Arrange for an official transcript from your school(s) of nursing to be sent to the Nurse Recruiter (use address on return envelope)

Please note that official transcript requests take approximately 2 weeks, so begin now.


At least two references are required upon receipt of application. This does not refer to a list of names & numbers 
Copies of signed and dated performance evaluations (within the past five years) may be substituted for reference letters
Licensed Professional Nurses (LPNs) should use the LPN reference form: (view lpn reference pdf) 
All others should use this reference form: (view reference forms pdf) 
One of the references must be from a supervisor or manager. If you are a new graduate, provide letters of recommendation from two clinical instructors. The VA does not supply a new graduate reference form to clinical instructors.

If the application packet is incomplete upon receipt, it will be returned to the applicant.

Mail or fax applications to:

Pam Snyder, Nurse Recruiter
VA Medical Center (05)
One Veterans Drive
Minneapolis, MN 55417
Fax: 612-725-2287

The Nurse Recruiter will review all applications and, as a next step, may call you for an interview.

Information about applying for a Federal job: (view applying for a federal job brochure)

Before you are hired

Dosage Calculation Assessment

You must complete a dosage calculation assessment before your interview with the Nurse Recruiter
To schedule the dosage calculation assessment call (612) 467-3628
Please review the calculation guide prior to taking the assessment
(view lpn dosage calculation guide pdf)
(view rn dosage calculation guide pdf)

Calculators may be used
An EKG exam is also required for applicants applying to telemetry or ICU positions

Medical Examination

Applicants with a tentative offer of employment at Minneapolis VA Medical Center are subject to drug screening prior to employment
You must pass a medical examination prior to employment
Please bring any records of immunizations and eye glasses/contacts to the appointment

VETPRO and e-Quip

Our hiring process includes an electronic credentialing requirement, VETPRO, and and e-Qip, an electronic security clearance. After discussion regarding a tentative offer for a position, you will receive instructions regarding this component of the application process. Your current and previous employers may be contacted for verification of employment at this time.

Education Debt Reduction Program

The Education Debt Reduction Program (EDRP) is not available for many nursing positions at the Minneapolis VAMC. Availability varies between VA facilities; therefore, the national VA web site may indicate that funding is available. If there are questions about availability for a particular position, this must be discussed prior to employment. If you are eligible to apply for EDRP (statement in ad or announcement referring to this), you must submit a copy of the ad or announcement to the nurse recruiter.

Once you are hired


ICU orientation extends over three months. The orientation program is four to six weeks in length for RNs and LPNs; Monday through Friday, 7:30 am to 4:00 pm.
For questions about nursing orientation, please call (612) 467-3628.

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